Bashirah is New Hampshire’s Premier Bellydance instructor for Tribal Fusion, American Cabaret, and Sacred Bellydance styles. 


With almost 20 years of Bellydance experience, she knows firsthand the transformational power of the form. Bashirah is a champion the strength, power, and individuality that Bellydance provides to women in any life stage. 


Her popular classes feature a well-rounded dance education approach that turns even the most self-conscious fledgling into a strong dancer who stands out in her own power.


Her performance style delves deep into Middle Eastern and Asian dance forms and Pan-Pagan culture. Her performances offer endless creativity and variety with incorporations of Geek Culture and Bollywood alike.  She has performed extensively throughout New England. 

Bashirah uses her platform to raise the voices of women, create community, and spotlight the many talented dancers in the region. She is a known innovator, pushing the frontier of Bellydance instruction and performance, and is one of the few premier dancers offering classes and workshops both in person and online. 

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