In Studio Classes

Join Bashirah for in studio classes at the Naga Star Studio

in Gilmanton Iron Works, New Hampshire,

or take class via Zoom or prerecorded videos.

Here is a list and brief descriptions of all the exciting classes that will be offered at the Naga Star Studio this Spring:

All classes are $15 drop in rate. Dancers also have the option of purchasing a 8 or 16 class card for a discounted $10 per class rate.


Introduction to Bellydance

This six week class session is designed for those who are totally new to bellydance. Proper posture and classic bellydance techniques will be broken down and drilled, allowing the dancer to develop good habits and muscle memory. Techniques will be strung together, creating short and fun bellydance combinations.

$60 for the class session


Bellydance 1

For beginners and those wanting to go back to basics, this eight week class session will focus on creating combinations, practicing improvisation, and learning to identify basic middle eastern rhythms. Basic working knowledge of bellydance technique is suggested for this class (completion of introduction to bellydance class suggested but not required.)


Bellydance 2

For dancers looking to grow their dance further, this eight week class session introduces layering and strong isolation movements. Improvisation and expressing emotion through stylization and facial expression will be practiced. Basic veil and zill techniques will be introduced.


Bellydance 3: Naga Stars Troupe

In this eight week class session, dancers will be challenged with multiple layers, isolations, zill options, building stage presence, and choreography projects for performance. Costuming and makeup for stage and performance will also be covered. Although this class will focuses on learning choreography for performance, dancers are not required to perform to take this class. Each class runs two hours each.


Drills and Combinations

In this ongoing class, dancers will break down techniques, drilling them to build muscle memory, then practicing them through short, fun combinations. At the end of each class, dancers will add personal stylizations and improvisation to the combinations. This is a multi-level class; some bellydance experience is suggested (but not required) to get the most out of this class. Drop ins are welcome.


Zills for dance

In this ongoing class, students will learn to play the finger cymbals, or zills, with confidence. Basic zill patterns will be covered and practiced alone, and layered over simple dance movements for those who choose to add this level up option. Students must bring their own zills. You can find zills here:

*Be sure to check out the "events" section of the Bashirah Fusion Bellydance Facebook page to see more updates on new classes here:


**and don't forget, I'm always up for teaching private and semi private classes. Feel free to email me directly at or send me a message over Facebook to get some information on that.

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