Dear Body,

So many people have been down on you. Including me. This ends now. 


I am learning to embrace and see your beauty. I understand that this takes courage, but you deserve that courage. Your beauty is unique and worth discovery.


Body, you have been with me my whole life. You are strong, you are beautiful, nothing about you is a mistake. 


Body, I am ready to praise you. I praise you in your acts of motherhood. Every mark an acknowledgment of the power you have to bring life into the world. You are the most sacred of beings.


Body, I reject any unkind remark anyone has made about you in the past. They were wrong and I won’t let anyone hurt you by suggesting that you’re the wrong size, shape, or ability. The female body is a full spectrum of beauty and strength.


Body, I will stop hating any part of you RIGHT NOW. I reject the ignorant idea that any part of you is bad, whether you have cellulite or no thigh gap, whether you have rolls on your stomach or arms that jiggle when you embrace your loved ones. EVERY PART OF YOU IS LIFE. EVERY PART OF YOU IS A MIRACLE.


Body, I am thrilled to get to know you, to learn movement that is natural for you, to learn the strengths you are hiding that I have not yet looked for. I am thrilled to become one with you, I am ready to bloom with you like a flower.


Body, your aging process is beautiful. Not one second of your existence is worth more than another. You are covered in beauty and strength. I am willing to learn how you are beautiful in every phase of my life. 


Body, I am ready to take up space with you. I am sorry that I have made apologies for your presence. You deserve as much space as any other human being on this beautiful place called earth, in this dance called life. 


Body, you and I together are a single act of love. 

Bashirah Bellydance &
Pagan Sacred Dance