Need a Little Magick in Your Life?

Looking to add some Magick to your life?

Perhaps you've felt like something is missing from your spiritual practice, or that you've felt a little disconnected from who you truly are. Maybe you've had doubts about the future and where you're headed in life and need some answers now.

Bashirah offers classes and services to help you explore and discover your own Divine Self, answer your questions, and clear your path towards your Highest Good!!

Check the class schedule below to find a class that calls to you, or email Bashirah to schedule a time for readings, spellwork, blessings, and other Magickal services.


All classes run 90 minutes
Drop-in rate $20
Purchase of 8 class card $120
Sign up by emailing Bashirah Here
Payment can be made here or via exact cash or check at the studio.

What Magickal services does Bashirah offer?

Bashirah is not only a belly dance performance artist and instructor, she is also a practicing witch. As an ordained High Priestess and practicing witch for nearly three decades,

Bashirah is always ready to help you with her skills and wisdom!

Bashirah's fees for magickal services are based on the "real cost" of each service as listed below, but these fees acan be adjusted if there is a financial hardship. 

Some services offered are:

Readings: Tarot, Runes, Bones, Pendulum, and Scrying Mirrors are all powerful tools used by Bashirah to answer your questions. Suggested fee is $30 for 30 minutes, $60 for an hour.

Spellwork: Bashirah is happy to cast your custom spell for you or guide you with instructions and supplies to cast a spell for yourself. Suggested base fee per simple spell is $40, plus materials. More elaborate spellwork fees are based on time spent on the spell and materials.

Rituals: Bashirah is happy to help design and lead rituals for you or your group. New and full Moon rituals, seasonal celebrations, spell rituals, and life phase rituals are a few examples. Base fee per ritual is $200.

Ritual Dance and Performance: Bashirah understands that dance, rhythm and movement add strength to our spiritual events. Allow Bashirah to aid in your magick with ritual dance performance or instruction. Base fee is $250 includes travel time, 30- 40 minutes of performance and/or lesson time, and photo op time.

Witchcraft Education: *edit* all magickal classes are now full and a new schedule will be announced soon!* Bashirah offers classes and educational group meetings to help anyone learn how to add true Magick to their life. Check the class schedule above to find a class that calls to you! $20 drop in or prepay for 8 classes for $120. Keep your eyes out for the new year and a day course designed to guide you to the living the path of the witch.

Guided Shamanic Journeying: Bashirah will guide you to your own World Tree and walk you through the Spirit world to help you explore your magickal Self, answer questions, or connect with Spirit guides or past loved ones. Fee for a group of 3 or more is $20 each person, plus travelling costs if applicable. Approximately an hour-long experience.

House/ Business Cleansing and Blessing: Whether you've just moved into your dream home, or are starting a new business, or suspect that you are sharing your space with "unwanted guests", Bashirah is happy to help you begin with a fresh start and add helpful energies to your space. Base fee including travel time is $75.

Paranormal Investigation: Do you suspect your home or workspace is shared with a spirit entity? Allow Bashirah to use her skills she acquired and perfected as a former longtime member of The Atlantic Paranormal Society (TAPS). Using both scientific tools and her own intuitive sills, Bashirah and her team will collect and deliver data and allow you to decide for yourself if your space is haunted. Fee is by donation or barter only. 

To book Bashirah for any magickal services, use the form below to schedule your service.  

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